Jos├ęphine Demerliac

I believe that a good commercial
either triggers emotions or offer
the viewer a learning.
I believe that a bad commercial on the other hand
is a spot with the unique and basic goal to sell.

No one wants to buy what you want to sell,
but everyone will buy what they need, desire
or connect with.

(The man in the picture is a very good friend of mine, since university I call him Thotho, but it's not his real name)
Is it what you call thriving emotions?
Well, here I had very little time, budget and creative freedom. For these three videos, I did it all (camera, lighting, edit, compositing, colors, subtitling). But even with no ressource and high constraints, I find it fun to put something together that works while helping young companies get more visibility.

Of course, I like a lot working on badass projects where I can go crazy creatively, that's usually the best projects with the greatest appeal, also that way you can really focus on what you're good at. But in the last two years I have been working full on on my first feature film.

Now that I've finished the post production, I will have more time to work on cool commercials. Hopefully, around eco friendly or social minded organizations and products.
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